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I love this game, though I think I play it differently from most people. Play it here.

My mods

A comprehensive list of the mods I have made for this game.

A browser extension to manage and automatically load javascript mods and add-ons for this game.

A modding framework that other mods can use to simplify the modding process. Documentation
Current version: 2.035

Predicts the outcomes of the Grimoire minigame spells.
Current version: 2.10

Klattmose Utilities (Steam)

Create an unlimited amount of fully customizable hotkeys.
Current version: 2.16
Disables Steam achievements.

Horticookie (Steam)

A helper tool for the Garden minigame.
Current version: 4.2

Idle Trading (Steam)

A helper tool for the Market minigame.
Current version: 1.10

Casino (Steam)

Adds a minigame to the Chancemaker building where you can play blackjack and bet cookies.
Current version: 4.0
Disables Steam achievements.

American Season (Steam)

Adds a firework themed season to the game.
Current version: 1.8
Disables Steam achievements.

Decide Your Destiny (Steam)

Take the reins of destiny into your own hands. Spend sugar lumps to choose the outcome of the next natural golden cookie.
Current version: 1.3
Disables Steam achievements.

Timer Widget (Steam)

Adds a special object in the lower left (near Krumblor and Santa) that displays a countdown for buffs and shimmers.
Current version: 1.8

Hurricane Sugar (Steam)

Adds a Golden Cookie effect that briefly shortens the time for sugar lumps to ripen to 1 second.
Current version: 1.7
Disables Steam achievements.

Black Hole Inverter (Steam)

Adds a new building and an appropriate amount of upgrades and achievments.
Current version: 1.14
Disables Steam achievements.

Immortal Garden (Steam)

Makes all Garden plants immortal.
Current version: 1
Disables Steam achievements.

Predictable Plant Growth (Steam)

Removes the random aspect of Garden plant growth.
Current version: 1
Disables Steam achievements.

Mod Menu Tweaks (Steam)

Double-click to enable/disable mods. Drag-and-drop reordering. Dynamic height resizing based on mod list length.
Current version: 1.1

Steam Achievement Enabler (Steam)

For cheating cheaters who cheat.
Current version: 1.1
Enables Steam achievements. Regardless of other mods.


(Currently non-functional)

For people of unfortunate circumstances that prevent them for easily accessing the game at the official site.


A Python program to download the game’s files.


The configuration that tells downloader.py what to download. Feel free to alter it for any site you feel like downloading.

Backup files

Just some files I’m backing up here



KU config.js